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Say Hello? Maybe? I’m just hanging out bored…

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People say “You don’t hate Mondays, You hate your job.” You’re wrong. I don’t hate my job. I enjoy my job. I just enjoy my weekends a lot more. I like having little to do and having fun. I like going out for the night or staying up way too late at a fire or watching movies. I like fishing all day. I like working on my truck. I don’t hate my job, But I do love my weekends.

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If I ever see anyone hit a parked car and drive away, you can bet your ass I’m going to follow you until in get your plate number. Scumbags like you make the rest of us pay for you being an asshole.

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You all are the greatest. Great tunes, Great friends, New friends. So much awesome that somehow was contained.

2014: Cup-a-Steak, What’s up, What’s up?! That girl that could have made a friend but instead stole my cheeze-itz. So much fun. See you all at CREEK!

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Gonna be sick

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Honest Slogans 1/30 – Inspired by r/hockey


Honest Slogans 1/30 – Inspired by r/hockey